We have been wanting to bring Scarlett for a holiday for the longest time and we are finally making this happen! The initial plan was to catch cherry blossom in Japan during the golden week but the plan fell through because of overbooked flights across most airlines. So…after much hiatus, JAPAN HERE WE COME!!


This being our first trip, naturally we sought advice from all over you name it. The common advice was to choose a flight timing that coincides with baby’s sleep time and apparently night flights are popular with parents travelling with kids. So we decided that we shall do the same.


Our verdict: not all babies are made equal.¬†Scarlett actualized the worst case scenario we thought¬†of having a baby in tow on flight. Didn’t help that it was a red eye flight. That 8 hours was brutal. But overall the trip was really enjoyable although the both of us were dead tired every single day. Here’s the highlights of our trip!