About two months ago, we received a box of Cetaphil products as part of their 70th anniversary celebratory gift. They didn’t ask us for any reviews in return, but I thought I would like share about it because we really like their products. In fact, after letting Scarlett try out their baby soap, I went on to purchase the baby shampoo which did not come in the gift pack. What they sent us…

In March, just after we returned from our Taiwan trip, Scarlett had a sudden outbreak of eczema. We always thought that if kids had eczema, they would have it from birth. So it was kind of shocking to us when the dermatologist told us it was eczema. Ever since then, we replaced the body wash she had been using since birth with one that the dermatologist prescribed her with, along with moisturizers also from them. Mind you, one bottle of those special formulated bathing soap cost us more than $40. But we had no qualms because her eczema really did subside in just a few days after using it. By the way, the body wash that she was previously using is also 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and highly raved.

We tried to switch back to the previous body wash a couple of times thinking it may be just a trigger from the climate change from travelling but each time we do that, the eczema finds its way back.

So when Cetaphil sent us the box of goodies, I decided to give it a try on Scarlett because I know they are highly recommended and have a good tract record of protecting skin(I have personally tried their moisturizers before) and the baby range products smells really good. The ones that we got from the dermatologist smells good too but they make Scarlett’s skin feels oily and sticky all the time.

After using Cetaphil baby body wash for about two week with no return of eczema, we decided to switch to Cetaphil. And because it smells so good, I bought their baby shampoo to try too. Partly also because her current shampoo cost twice the amount and the fact that her shampoo runs out so fast all the time(because hair).

So now, we are officially converted. We haven tried the all the products they given us yet. But, the moisturising cream is undoubtedly still as good, although I would prefer that it comes in the pump bottle form(cause I really spam it).