We received our first ever mini stroller from Mothercare Singapore and we had the chance to bring it along for all our overseas trip.

why we love the GB Pockit Stroller:

1. It can be easily assembled and folded away. We can switch from push to carry within a minute!
This feature is especially helpful when we are faced with unforeseen circumstances that require
us to stow away the stroller when travelling.

2. The design is so compact! Boasting a dimension smaller than the size of petite Scarlett when folded
,it fits into any plane/train overhead compartment and ridiculously small car boots. In fact, it can
fit into a regular cabin size luggage! That definitely saved us the time needed to put away or retrieve
the stroller during boarding and disembarkation.

3. Light-weight! Need I explain more?

4. It is actually pretty sturdy even though it is so light. Of course, I can’t say that it is as robust
as those travel system monster strollers, but I can vouch that there won’t be much of a problem even when
loaded with a baby plus a few bags of your shopping loots!

5. Affordable! Retailing only at $299.

The only bummer is that the seat cannot be reclined, making it unsuitable for young babies or parents who
prefer their child to be in a low-lying position when sleeping in a stroller.

Check out our video:


Thank you Mothercare Singapore for sponsoring this stroller.