‘Blossom’ Free-To-Grow Tula Baby Carrier

The “Blossom” is one out of four designs in the first collection of the Free-to-Grow carriers. Free-to-Grow carriers do not require an infant insert and can be used for newborns(3.2kg) right up to toddlers(20kg). Ultra-soft twills are used instead of the regular canvas in order to make the Free-to-Grow carrier exceptionally snuggly and comfy for newborns.



 This gorgeous print with beautiful pink blooms contrasted on a navy blue base with polka dots will also be made available in standard and toddler size at a later date.


The inner backing for Blossom is plain in navy as seen here. Wonder too has a plain backing but in grey. While Play and Discover is fully printed.


There is an adjustable panel that comes with three different width settings. This flexible width allows a child’s hips to be properly supported in the M shape position by adjusting the panel at the base accordingly. When fully drawn to the middle, newborns can be worn in the carrier without an infant insert. At the widest setting, it is almost identical to the standard sized Tula Baby Carrier.




Front Pocket

The front dimension of the pocket is the same as the Standard Tula Carrier but it expands out more.


A cute touch to the plain old buckle.



Hood is fully printed on both sides and has an additional Tula logo. The logo will be visible even when you are not using the hood.

The snap on for the hood has been changed to a plastic one, making it safer for children as they tend to nibble on it.

The hood no longer has elastic endings but instead, it now comes with an adjustable reach strap.

The height of the body panel can be adjusted using the shoulder straps.