Hello! We are Shawn and Sherelle, parents to the most petite and smiley baby Scarlett from Singapore. Both of us are working full time- Shawn runs his own swim school while I work as a nurse. We have been together since 2004 and got married in 2014. Shawn’s into sports, photography and music, whereas I love food, travelling, and shopping! With the birth of Scarlett, we also have a new found love for exploring all things baby. Baby wearing, family friendly places, apparels and products, just to name a few. Scarlett entered into this world on mama Sherelle’s 24th birthday and has brought unspeakable joy to our lives ever since. You can follow her on Instagram¬†here!


We always had the idea of documenting down the chronicles of our life on a blog or some kind of diary, even before she was born. But we never really set our hearts out to do it until recently when Scarlett started to pick up new actions, words, and expressions so rapidly that we realised how all these precious moments are seeping through our fingers like sand. Our contents will largely revolve around parenting, mother and baby product reviews, and snippets of our family life. We are still in the midst of making it happen though. So, do look out for new additions to our page coming your way soon!